Improved IT Support With The Launch of Our New Tech Fix and Tech How Teams

Here at The HBP Group, we are always striving to improve our offering and continually work to give the best possible customer service that we can.

To assist with that, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Tech How team and the re-naming of the servicedesk to the Tech Fix team.

These two teams are made up of the same IT Support Engineers who you already know and deal with, but to help resolve issues even faster and better than ever before we have created two sub-teams which will focus on two specific areas of IT support tickets.

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What do the Tech How team do?

This dedicated team will be focused on those day-to-day administrative tickets that you need dealing with quickly. Things like a password change, a new user set-up or perhaps the creation of a new email address.

On top of that, the Tech How team are building a new library of resources for you to use on those occassions when you think “how do I do that?” With videos being posted to YouTube and shared through our helpdesk, you’ll have the answers to those very types of questions.

Your requests will be picked-up quicker and you’ll be given guides and advice to help you in the future too.

You can see the Tech How videos on YouTube here:


What do the Tech Fix team do?

The Tech Fix team will be focused on issues where something is broken or isn’t working as it should be. This covers everything from a broken PC or faulty software, through to a more serious system outage. With dedicated resource assigned to these issues, we can match the skillsets of our engineers to the issues raised better than ever before, resulting in quicker fixes for our customers.


Phone system changes

To make it easy to get through to the right team, the only change we’ve made is on our phone system. Now you’ll be prompted to select either the Tech Fix or Tech How team when you call in. If you’re not 100% sure which team would be best to help you, don’t worry as both teams will still be able to assist and if required pass you through to the right team to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. Any tickets logged by email or via our Customer Portal will be automatically assigned as they reach us, so you can continue to log these in the normal way.

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