New product and new staff add up to new software offering from HBP Systems

The latest software offering available to Kamarin Computers clients is Microsoft’s 365 Dynamics Business Central, a cloud-based package providing an alternative way to keep a handle on business finance.

The arrival of the product in the Kamarin Computers portfolio has also meant the arrival of Ria Watson, who’ll join The HBP Group during July to talk to existing and potential new clients about the benefits of the software.

The HBP Group’s Commercial Director Phil Denham said the product had a great deal to offer, since it was a cloud-based product delivering the capability to integrate all manner of other functions like stock management, payments, and CRM. “As a fully browser-based product operating in the cloud it requires no capital outlay in hardware like servers, so it’s extremely cost effective and a powerful business tool.


More companies are wanting to move their operations into the cloud

“More and more companies are wanting to move their operations into the cloud, which enables them to operate anywhere. Dispensing with the need for capital outlay makes this an ideal way into finance management for start-up companies, and an alternative to existing systems for SMEs looking to upgrade existing systems. In many ways, it’s a no-brainer.”

That said, this new offering won’t be displacing any of the existing software already available from Kamarin Computers, or the expertise that goes with it.

“All our existing customers can be confident that we have no plans whatsoever to move away from the packages we already support; there is still a place for them to carry on as before.”

“Business computing in the cloud has largely been the province of start-ups and enterprise-sized companies until now. In the mid-market, inhabited by SMEs, they haven’t yet gone into the cloud in large numbers. However, when the time comes to think about a change, they can be equally confident that we have a product, and the knowledge to back it up, to support their move into what amounts to new territory for them.”

Kamarin Computers is already a Gold Partner with Microsoft, so integrating the new software will be swift. “We have a great relationship with Microsoft, and we understand each other. Because we’ve been in the business of finance technology for 30 years, a new product isn’t daunting for us – and clients can be assured that for the same reason, it needn’t be daunting for them either,” added Phil

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